Vedic Meditation Teacher and Mentor, based in Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 

My personal story has been a long time self-discovery journey which began over 25 years ago after entering a yoga studio for the first time. I recall feeling an inner spark at the end of that class, the kind that evoked a curiosity into the philosophy of yoga and how it may provide my life with answers, more meaning and purpose. It awoke the desire to dive deeper into the inner workings of yoga, to rediscover who I am beyond what I had be conditioned to believe, to seek wisdom to deal with life's challenges (family dysfunction that I didn't understand was at the heart of it at this time), to pursue a life that felt purposeful and and ultimately embark on my journey of healing. 

As my personal yoga and meditation practice evolved through various techniques, teachers and yoga schools, I pursued yoga study with Master Teacher Nicky Knoff, who continues to be an inspirational teacher in my life. Something I value greatly that Nicky teaches is, “Always maintain a beginner’s mind in life.” This wisdom I stay close to when it comes to self-evolution.

 In 2016, I was introduced to Vedic Meditation following a difficult time navigating my divorce. This beautiful ancient technique had a profound impact on my life and I felt deeply supported as I moved into unknown waters, beginning a life as a single parent. I had found a meditation practice that was effortless with the guidance of a wonderful teacher who taught the benefits & inner workings over the 4 day course. The effects were felt immediately and the community connection through weekly group meditations also helped during this transition period.

The on-going transformation as a result of my commitment to Vedic Meditation was remarkable. I noticed a deeper connection to my intuition and witnessed my confidence & clarity expand; I experienced greater awareness, and found the inner strength to navigate the most stressful and complex issues I'd ever faced in my life.

As a natural progression on from my yoga studies, in 2018 I went on become a Vedic Meditation teacher and it’s my honour to share this incredible technique.

I have since initiated community support groups for people navigating narcissism & other toxic / covert forms of manipulation and abuse to provide a safe place to share and be supported. I've worked with my incredible holistic therapist & mentor, and other therapists and teachers to expand my knowledge of the healthy and unhealthy qualities of the masculine & feminine in order to guide others with the knowledge and lived experience wisdom that supports my life. 

My intention is provide compassionate support for your road to reconnection with Self, in order for you to find the clarity needed to navigate the difficult road through and after complex & toxic relationships in order to free you from the binds of suffering.